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We are providing here free information on swimming pool and spa services. Below is a description of our most poular services. Click on the section title to read more about our services. We also provide you with a resource of other places to get information and Frequently Asked Questions. If it's easier for you just give us a call at (619) 312-4440 or email at

Swimming Pool and Spa Maintenance

Weekly Maintenance is a must if you want to have a sparkling pool. Click on the title above to learn more information about proper maintenance of swimming pools. Cool Pool guys offer a wide variety of pool services with quality care you can always count on. Just call us if you ever have a problem and we will be over as soon as possible.

When we clean your pool we check and balance chemicals, empty baskets and skimmers, brush the pool, vacuum the pool, skim the pool . Basic chemicals and shock are included and added to the pool as needed. We also give our regular customers discounts on repairs, chemicals, replacements, and filter cleaning. (see more)

Clean Swimming Pool
Yellow Mustard Algae in Swimming Pool

Algae/Green Pools

Algae is a scary thing to see in a pool. Sometimes it just won't go away or not fast enough! Let us do the job. We will come out and assess your situation and give you and accurate quote. Once you hire us we won't rest until you pool is back in shape. (see more)

Filter Cleaning

There are several different types of filters for swimming pools. All of them require regular maintenance. Twice a year is the minimum and depending on your filter size and the use your pool gets it probably needs to be cleaned more. A backwash system can increase the amount of time needed between cleanings.

Cleaning Filter Grids for DE FIlter
Empty Swimming Pool

Drain and Cleans

Sometimes the problem is just to expensive to treat the current water and the best option is to drain the pool. We do this fast with our own pumps and our own guys. Some services are one man orperations. When you need a big job done we've got the guys to get it done fast.

Acid Washes

When your pool has scale buildup and stains sometimes your only option is an acid wash. Acid washing is corrosive and removes a small amountlayer off of your surface where most of the stains reside. This service also will remove scale buildup. If you have scale take care of it today. The worse it gets the higher the price is to remove dramatically.

Acid Washes
Filter Manifold Repair

Equipment Problems

When your pump or filter or other equipment gets old or breaks it need to either be repaired or replaced. Often the best option is just to get new equipment instead of paying to end up with old repaired equipment. We will help you make that decision. Even if we make less money it's better to give customers the right advice.

Energy Savings

If your pump is old it is eating up your electrical wallet. Your pump only needs to be on so long every day. Let us help you save money on electricity.

Swimming Pool TImer Wires

Salt Systems

Today with health being so important some people prefer to get chlorine in their pool the natural way. Salt systems also help reduce the amount of maintenance and risk of an algae ridden pool.

Tile Cleaning/Repair

The tile on your pool is broken or covered in scale? No fear, we are here. We can also replace broken or missing tiles.

Missing TIles


Public Pools

If your pool is for more than one unit than the county considers it a public pool and it must follow certain special rules. We can help you.


The swimming pool stores in San Diego for the most part charge everyone way too much. That's why I buy my parts from the suppliers and can get you my price!

Messy Pool Equipment
Heater Repair

Other Services

Anythin your heart desires... remodels, upgrade equipment, one time cleans, decco seal, replacement equipment seals, flow problems, just ask. If we haven't mentioned it here it's because we are too busy cleaning pools to spend any more time on the website. We can help you!


We Service All of San Diego County and much of Northern San Bernardino County

Commercial and Residential pool services are available throughout San Diego  and San Bernardino Counties and surrounding areas, including pool service to San Diego, North Park, Hillcrest, Point Loma, Old Town, Bay Park, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, PB, OB, UTC, Clairemont, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, The Beaches, La Mesa, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Soledad Mountain, Del Mar, Poway, Santee, Helendale, Silver Lakes, Barstow, Hinkley, Barstow, Oro Grande, Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Phelan, Mojave, Needles, and other nearby surrounding areas.

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