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We service and repair commercial and residential pools in the Inland Empire High Desert, Victor Valley, and Mojave Desert District of San Bernardino County as well as most of San Diego County. For repairs we may travel further for a fee.  This includes:

San Bernardino County Service Map
We Service the Victor Valley and High Desert Areas of San Bernardino County

San Diego COunty Service Area
We Service all of San Diego County

Barstow: Rainbow Basin, Needles, Route 66, Hinkley, Lenwood, Helendale, Silver Lakes, Oro Grande, Grandview, Skyline North, North Barstow, Desert View, Daggett, North Edwards, Yermo, Newberry Springs, Johnston’s Corner, and Wild Crossing 
Victorville: Bryman, La Delta, Bell Mountain, Mojave Heights, Bellevue Heights, Valley High North, Golden Mesa, Desert Knolls Manor, The Village, Golden Mesa and Frost
Apple Valley: Sunset Hills, Thorn, Cotner’s Corner, Fizzben Heights, Mariana Ranchos, Apple Valley Highlands, and Ranchos del Oro
Hesperia: The Mesa, Oak Hills, High Country, Golden Valley Acres, Mountain View, Eagle Ranch, Duncan Corners and Baldy Mesa
Phelen: Mountain Top Junction, Wildhorse Canyon, Wrightwood, Piñon Hills 
Adelanto: South Adelanto, El Mirage, Houze Place 
Kramer Junction: Kramer Hills, Boron: Desert Lake, Baker, and Rich
San Diego County: San Diego, North Park, Hillcrest, Point Loma, Old Town, Bay Park, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, PB, OB, UTC, Clairemont, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, The Beaches, La Mesa, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Soledad Mountain, Del Mar, Poway, Santee. If you don’t see your area, call anyway and maybe we can make it out there. 

Contact Cool Pool Guys or call 619-312-4440 to receive a free, no obligation estimate for your swimming pool’s monthly pool service.

Thanks for Your Business!

Each service or job requires unique knowledge, certifications, and sometimes a permit. Cool Pool Guys is a network which provides you with the proper technician for each job. Quotes are free, we will come out to your property and do a free estimate. For special jobs customers will be directed to the appropriate licensed contractor. Your estimator may not be a contractor, however he will know how to find you the right man for the job.

Equipment Installation

Eventually you have to replace equipment. SOmetimes one thing other time more than one thing. It is important to have the right professional installing your equipment. That’s why Cool Pool Guys can find your the best contractor for those large jobs and get the smaller ones done at a very low cost. Installing new equipment takes a lot of care and needs to be done right.

When are you Ready for New Equipment? Pumps – There are various kinds of pumps to choose from. These days it’s best to go with a good brand which might cost slightly more but will last much longer. Pumps with variable speeds and built in timers can save you a lot of money and various government organizations and energy customers will even give you rebates for installing the right pump. Filters – Depending on the size of your pool you will have to get the appropriate filter. You can get a sand filter, a cartridge filter, or a DE filter. These three major types of filters have various uses. In a system that clogs a lot a cartridge filter is best. In most other cases a DE filter is best for cost and it’s ability to catch very small particles. Sand Filters are mostly used for commercial pools. Chlorinators – A chlorinator will help to keep your pool in good shape by adding chlorine better to your pool than a traditional floater. It only has to be added to periodically. This is a low cost no-brainer for a nice pool.
Heaters – Most heaters this day use gas. They are expensive and effective. The size of heater you get depends on how hot you want your water. Are you going to heat the entire pool or just the spa?
Salt Water Systems– Salt water systems put a small amount of salt into the pool. This salt is converted into chlorine by splitting the salt molecule into atoms. You can keep a lower level of chlorine in these pools an most say that it’s combines with the salt to make the water very easy on your eyes.
Vacuums – An automatic vacuum will allow your pool to stay free of leaves and dust on the floor as long as the vacuum is running. This is highly recommended if you clean your pool less than every week. These will protect fro algae and add the the general quality of your pool circulation.
Timers – One of the most important parts of the pool system is the timer. Some pools have control systems but all that is usually needed is a simple timer. Even the most disciplined will not be there every day to circulate and filter the pool water for the right amount of time. With a pool consistency is key if you want o avoid algae. Always keep your timer running well.
Control Centers – More complex pool systems with remote controls use complicated control centers. They can control everything from your water temperature to the jets in your spa. With electronics seamless control and programming of functions is available.
Filter and Pump Control System being repaired
Complicated EquipmentCool Pool Guys will find you the proper pool professional in your area for and installation. If we can’t do it we know someone who can and we will make it happen for you.    
Links Pool Guy – Wikipedia.orgFAQ Frequently Asked Questions Can I install a pump myself ?
Yes you can, the question is do you want to risk messing something else us an having to install new parts elsewhere? That is us to you. You can call us and we will give you advice. Maybe help you find out if you are ready to do it yourself. How do I get a free quote?
Call Matt at (619) 312-4440. You can also send us an e-mail at We will get back to you as soon as possible to set up a time to look at your pool .
Commercial and Residential pool services are available throughout San Diego County and surrounding areas, including pool service to San Diego, North Park, Hillcrest, Point Loma, Old Town, Bay Park, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, UTC, Clairemont, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, The Beaches, La Mesa, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Del Mar, Poway, and nearby areas.